Arabic buffet

Delicious and varied dishes from the oldest cuisine in the world

Starting from € 27.50 per person
Two courses, excluding beverages and VAT

Main Course € 23.50
Chicken tagine with preserved lemon and green olives
Chickpea, pumpkin, and raisin stew
Sweet potato gratin with sage

Tabouleh (couscous salad with plenty of fresh herbs)
Cucumber salad with yogurt
Arabic bread

Dessert € 4.00
Baklava with pistachios
Moroccan rice pudding with toasted almond flakes
Date-Cointreau tart

Grand Dessert € 7.50
Combination of three desserts

 Serving staff € 29.50/hour
Chef € 35.00/hour

 Delivery in Amsterdam € 32.50
Outside Amsterdam € 0.75/km
(excluding parking fees & VAT)

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