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Arabisch Diner Op Bord

Let us surpirse you with this tasty Arabic dinner full of secret ingredients.

Arabic dinner menu


  • Marinated olives
  • Cheesballs rolled in fine green herbs
  • Arabic bread
  • Hummus
  • Roasted eggplant with dukkah
  • Lebanese almonds

Main course

  • Spicy pumpkin couscous
  • Chicken harissa with grapefruit and sauce
  • Fried cauliflower with kummel and lime-yoghurt dressing
  • Cucumber salad with peppers and poppy seeds
  • Lebanese corn bread


  • Baklava with walnuts
  • Orange sorbet ice-cream

Price per person: € 30,00

Of course we can adjust the menu to any diet wishes you may have.
Prices are including use kitchen appliances and excluding 6% VAT, rentals and staff.

Interested? Please mail or phone us on 020 6363607.


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