Theme bites catering

Are you looking to create a unique themed event accompanied by themed catering? Peter Pan likes to be challenged by its customers. Our chefs are happy to prepare and create innovative canapés according to a theme especially selected for the occasion. For instance, the theme White, see below example.

However, there is more. We are open for any themes ranging from colour, nature and science to a theme out of a film, love or horror, just ask! We are also very willing to help you create your theme for your event, so contact us if you are interested in a themed catering by Peter Pan.

Canapés based on a white theme to serve as an example for a possible themed catering:

Cream cheese smoked halibut and rettich on white bread
Wrap filled with a mousse of beans and oysters
Sushi filled with chicken and cream cheese rolled in white sesame seeds
Panna cotta of cauliflower
Lolly of Dutch sheep’s Brie with caramelised pear

White Chocolate mousse

Our chefs especially create canapés according to your ideas of a theme and wishes. As this is quite labour intensive the minimum order per snack is 50 pieces, the price per snack is € 2,35. The minimum order for snacks is € 225,00.
These amounts include serving trays and exclude rental equipment, transport, staff and VAT.

Would you like to order canapés created to your wishes?  Mail or call us on +31 20 6363607.

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