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Catering Spanish tapas in Amsterdam

Spanish tapas are perfect to accompany drinks or as appetizer for an Mediterranean dinner

Real Spanish tapas

Hot tapas

  • Small meat balls with grilled tomato-pepper sauce
  • Calamari
  • Marinated mushrooms in a sauce of sherry and thyme
  • Garlic mushrooms
  • Ham-cheese madeleine’s
  • Marinated pear rolled in bacon
  • Patatas bravas

Cold tapas

  • Lolly of Dutch sheep’s brie with caramelised pear
  • Tortilla de patatas, served with lemon mayo
  • Wrap of marinated chicken, with red onion and tomato
  • Canapé of grilled eggplant with mint
  • Spits of tomato, mozzarella and basil
  • Sushi inside out with smoked mackerel and capres
  • Canapé with cream cheese and smoked wild salmon
  • Canapé with prosciutto and tomato
  • Roll of smoked wild salmon filled with lemon-cream cheese
  • Spits of home-smoked chicken with spring onion and balsamic-reduction


  • Potato-egg salad with parsley and tuna
  • Beet-anise salad
  • Orange-fennel salad


  • Crème Catalane
  • Almond cake
  • Flan

The tapas menu can be ordered as from 25 persons or a minimum order of € 250,00.
Cost tapas and salades € 2,50 per dish, desert € 4,00.

We also cater a complete tapas-dinner buffet.

For ordering these delicious traditional and modern Spanish tapas, mail or call us on 020 6363607.


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