Spanish tapas buffet

A Spanish tapas buffet is ideal for drinks or as a prelude to a Mediterranean menu.

Tapas and Salads: €2.50 per person
Dessert: €4.00 per person

Minimum number of persons: 25
Minimum order amount: €250.00

Example menu

Meatballs in grilled tomato-pepper sauce
Fried calamari rings
Marinated mushrooms with sherry and thyme
Mushrooms in garlic oil
Ham and cheese madeleines
Marinated pear wrapped in crispy bacon
Patatas bravas

Grilled bread with tomato and raw ham
Tortilla de patatas with lemon mayonnaise
Zucchini rounds with roasted vegetables
Manchego cheese with candied quince
Various types of bread with tapenades and aioli

Potato salad with egg, parsley, and tuna
Beetroot salad with anise
Orange-fennel salad

Crema catalana
Almond cake

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