Sustainable food on the farm and sleeping in the hay!

Waking up with the smell of fresh hay, the crowing of the rooster, get up right away, or snooze for a bit …. For many people this is something they daydream about and now that dream can come true on Friday, September 26th.

Hay Month

July and August are the hay months of the year. Most farmers have mowed the grass in September and brought in the hay. So does farmer Albert City Farm in Zunderdorp. City Farm is an organic farming with cows, sheep, a pair of cute pigs and chickens.


The old milk barn where hay is stocked, chickens scurry and home-duck does his nap in the sun will be transformed into a Hooitel this Friday.

With bales of hay formed rooms. A double room, if you prefer to lie alone or with friends or family. It’s up to you, you can freely move the bales, construction, destruction, whatever you want to create your own hooitel room.

Evening meal at the farm

Prior to the night in the hay Peter Pan serves a delicious meal in the new sustainable and stable with good weather, we sit at long tables outside in the yard. Food on the farm is an unforgettable experience.

Obviously, the blackberries will now be properly ripe and can not fail you pick yourself.

After dinner, prepared with local organic products, you can enjoy the starry night at the campfire or already visit your room at hooitel.

Collect en milk the cows

Early morning wake up. Then, with the farmer around 8 pm on the country to get the cows for milking.

Around 9 am Peter Pan serves farm-fresh breakfast, of course with fresh milk from its own land.

Always wanted to sleep in the hay with before a delicious dinner of Peter Pan and morning with the farmers’ land to retrieve the cows than you can! Sign up for Rick experience at City Farm.

Please bring your own sleeping bag and towel.

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