Online cookery workshop

Follow an online cookery workshop, the ideal company outing. Cozy and corona-proof, well suited for this corona period, Peter Pan Cooking Studio has developed a safe cooking workshop. The participants can participate live from their own kitchen. The chef prepares the dishes at the same time as the guests. At the same time, he explains what he is doing. Our chefs will take you through the recipe and give you tips. This way you learn fun, new recipes and conjure up a delicious meal.

Program online cooking lesson

A digital cooking workshop takes about 1.5 hours. Afterwards, the participants can show each other what they have made and raise a glass to a delicious meal.  A digital cooking workshop is the ideal activity for a corona proof company outing! This way you can get together in a safe and above all very fun way. The online cooking classes are suitable for all levels and flexible in duration and content. You can follow a workshop with small or large groups. Contact us to request a digital cooking workshop. We like to think with you.

Delivery of ingredient boxes

In addition to the online cooking workshop, Peter Pan can provide a food box (for € 17.50). This box can be supplemented with cooking apron and matching wine. If you order an online ingredient package, you and your colleagues do not have to do the shopping yourself. This makes a digital cooking class from Peter Pan even easier and more fun. The food box will be delivered to the participants’ homes the day before the workshop. Delivery anywhere in the Netherlands.

Impression of online cooking workshop

Are you curious about a digital cooking class with Peter Pan? Watch this video for a short impression!

Costs online cooking lesson

The costs for an online cooking workshop are € 650.00 (independent of the number of participants). These costs include moderator, recipe and excl. ingredient box and VAT. Interested in an online cooking workshop? Then contact us quickly.

Inspiration for online cookery workshop

The exact implementation of a digital cooking workshop is very flexible, our cooks are familiar with a large number of cuisines. Do you have special wishes or preferences? Let us know and we will think along with you to create a digital cooking workshop that suits your company. In addition, the content of the event is very flexible. How about an online cooking battle or digital recruitment dinner? For inspiration, we have listed a few examples of online events at Peter Pan below.


A recruitment dinner is a fun way for companies and students to get to know each other. Peter Pan has already organized several online recruitment dinners. The companies and the students cook in separate break-out rooms based on similar interests. In the meantime, the chef ‘visits’ all the breakout rooms to help where necessary and there is always the possibility to ask questions. The participants prepare a delicious meal under the supervision of a chef. After cooking, participants can eat the meal together. It is of course possible to have the ingredients delivered to the participants’ homes.

Would you like to organize an exciting outing with your employees, partners or customers? Organize an online cooking battle! Teams will battle it out by cooking against each other, whereby the difficulty can be adjusted to the cooking skills of the group. The teams will be judged by the jury on the presentation, cooperation and completion of the dish within the time limit. After the winner has been announced, all participants can eat the result together in a friendly atmosphere.

A digital cooking class with Peter Pan is of course a lot of fun in and of itself. However, if you want to organize something extras,that is also possible. Some options are a drink afterwards after a cocktail workshop, possibly with a pub quiz. Or, for example, a PowerPoint evening, where you and your colleagues can present each other short PowerPoints according to your own interests. In addition, it is always possible to personalize the Foodbox and, for example, add a video message in a QR code. In short, there are countless possibilities to make a digital company outing even more unforgettable. Please contact us if you have any ideas of your own.

For more information, a non-binding or reservation call 020 6363607 or email us!

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