Vegetarian dinner

Delicious vegetarian dishes for everyone, beautifully plated

From €32.00 per person
Two courses, excluding drinks and VAT

Grilled polenta medallions with pesto and roasted red pepper
Goat cheese bonbon, coated in pistachio crumbs, with grape center

Galette with sweet potato, herbs, and pumpkin seeds

Main Course
Layered tart with crispy marinated vegetables
Grilled eggplant with yogurt sauce and pomegranate seeds
Zucchini salad with hazelnuts and basil
Country bread with watercress cream

Light carrot cake with walnuts
Orange and thyme sorbet

 Serving staff € 29.50/hour
Chef € 35.00/hour

 Delivery in Amsterdam € 32.50
Outside Amsterdam € 0.75/km
(excluding parking fees & VAT)

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