Mediterranean buffet

A Mediterranean catering is sun, sea, and clear blue skies; a journey along the Mediterranean

Starting from €31.50 per person
Three-course dinner, excluding beverages and VAT

Starter €4.00
Marinated olives
Polenta with parsley pesto and bundle mushrooms
Bruschetta with grilled eggplant and mint

Main Course €23.50
Steamed rice with fresh herbs
Grilled marinated mackerel with pickled sweet potato
Caramelized fennel with goat cheese

French salad with green lettuce, goat cheese & honey
Focaccia with rosemary and sea salt
Mint yogurt

Dessert €4.00
Meringue roll with seasonal fresh fruit
Hangop (Dutch dairy dessert) of ricotta with fruit compote
Date-Cointreau tart

Grand Dessert €7.50
Combination of three desserts

 Serving staff € 29.50/hour
Chef € 35.00/hour

 Delivery in Amsterdam € 32.50
Outside Amsterdam € 0.75/km
(excluding parking fees & VAT)

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