Theme bites

Our chefs love to you collaborate with you, crafting innovative appetizers tailored to each theme.

From € 2.50 per appetizer
Minimum of 50 pieces per type
Minimum order amount of € 250.00

Sample menu of white appetizers
 Sandwich with cream cheese, smoked halibut & radish
Bean and oyster mousse-filled wrap
Chicken fillet and cream cheese sushi, rolled in sesame seeds
Shrimp stuffed with smoked mashed potatoes
Cauliflower panna cotta
Sheep brie lollipop with thinly sliced pear

 White chocolate mousse
Meringue with coconut yogurt & almond shavings
Almond cookie pudding with coconut and pear

 Serving staff € 29.50/hour
Chef € 35.00/hour

 Delivery in Amsterdam € 32.50
Outside Amsterdam € 0.75/km
(excluding parking fees & VAT)

Call 020-6363607  for a free quotation or mail us.
We are open to brainstorm with you!

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