Party snacks

Peter Pan Catering prepares surprising and delicious appetizers from various corners of the world.

From € 2.50 per appetizer
Minimum of 50 pieces per type
Minimum order amount of € 250.00

Corn cakes with tomato salsa
Lamb meatballs in a tomato-cognac sauce
Frittata with caramelized red onion & goat cheese
Organic beef bitterballen, served with mustard
Mini pizzas with mozzarella, tomato & basil
Oven-baked stuffed mushrooms
Dates wrapped in bacon
Triangle of phyllo dough with spinach & feta

Sheep brie lollipop with caramelized pear
Tortilla de patatas with lemon mayonnaise
Skewer of kohlrabi, blue cheese & orange
Grilled chicken wrap with red onion & tomato
Roasted fennel wrap with herb pesto and arugula
Goat cheese & pistachio crumb bonbon, filled with a white grape
Polenta rounds with pesto & bundle mushrooms
Crostini with eggplant puree & dukkah
Caprese skewer
Crostini with caponata (eggplant-capers)
Blinis with sour cream & smoked mackerel
Inside-out sushi with smoked mackerel & capers
Skewer of smoked chicken with balsamic & roasted pine nuts
Blue cheese, apple, nut & port cream toast
Rolled smoked salmon with lime cream cheese
Grilled eggplant roll with mozzarella & pesto
Vegetable sticks with bagna cauda (anchovy & garlic dip)

 Serving staff € 29.50/hour
Chef € 35.00/hour

 Delivery in Amsterdam € 32.50
Outside Amsterdam € 0.75/km
(excluding parking fees & VAT)

Call 020-6363607  for a free quotation or mail us.
We are open to brainstorm with you!

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