Meetings & outings

Peter Pan Kookstudio is an excellent location for team meetings. Before or afterwards we can offer you various team-building workshops in collaboration with professionals. A nice lunch, dinner or informal cooking workshop to complement the meeting is also among one of the options.

Interested in this meeting location and/or company outings at Peter Pan? Send us a mail call us at 020-6363607.


Meetings in our cooking studio

The floor above the cooking studio in Amsterdam is a unique place to meet. Ideal for giving presentations, informal gatherings and for hosting brainstorming sessions. The space can be equipped according to your own wishes and can accommodate up to 40 people


Boat trip

Enjoy and experience Amsterdam from the water, followed by a cooking workshop or dinner at Peter Pan Kookstudio in Amsterdam. Take a boat trip through the canals along monumental buildings, a breath of fresh air on the IJ and/or a look at the Amsterdam harbour.

Wine tasting

A nice way to stimulate the taste buds. We taste beautiful and surprising organic wines from various regions. Which grape varieties are these and why does one variety taste different from another? How do you make good food-wine combinations? We discuss 5 wines selected for you.


Theater sport

Theater sport is improvisational theater in a loose and playful way. It is fun to watch and even more fun to do yourself! Theater sport provides fun, connection and a positive atmosphere.The playful improvisation exercises are easy to do and the trainers build up the program slowly and step by step. This makes it very easy for everyone to participate in the fun of theater sports.

Voor meer informatie en/of reservering: bel 020 – 6363607 of mail ons.

For more information or for making a reservation, send us an email or call us

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